The King Edward VI Almshouse Charity offers accommodation for those in need in the local area.

The Charity manages a total of 48 unfurnished dwellings in Abbey Lane, Prime’s Close and Freshwell Street, Saffron Walden. Applicants must be of modest means and living on a low income, and resident in the former borough of Saffron Walden or its immediately adjacent villages — or have clearly demonstrable strong connections with Saffron Walden.

Historically, residents were elderly and retired. In the 21st century, however, our residents are a mix of ages, mostly retired but many younger and in employment, and we take single people, couples and, occasionally, families.

We do not maintain a waiting list as such but suitable applicants who are unsuccessful will be contacted when further vacancies arise. Vacancies are advertised in the Walden Local, on this website and on our social media streams.

For more information, please scroll through the menu on the left or contact our Estate Officer, Alison Maslen, on 01799 513914 or at estate@swalmshouses.org



KEVI CORPORATE TRUSTEE LIMITED, is a company limited by guarantee incorporated in England and Wales (company number: 10178525), whose registered office is at Almshouse Office, King Edward VI Almshouses, Abbey Lane, Saffron Walden CB10 1DE, in its capacity as the sole corporate trustee of King Edward the Sixth and the Reverend Joseph Prime Almshouse Charity (registered charity number: 210590).