Support Us

As a charity, our aim is to offer accessible, affordable homes to local people on a low income with limited savings. Unlike many almshouses, which provide accommodation mainly for the elderly, the majority of applicants for our accommodation presently are of working age. They come to us hoping to settle into a unique community where they can stay close to relatives, schools or their place of work. For many of them, the almshouse becomes their anchor, a safe haven when life feels especially challenging.

Whether we become a home for life or a bridge to better things, the accommodation here in Saffron Walden is often a place of new beginnings where fresh seeds of hope are sown.

Of course, this kind of step-change support requires significant, ongoing investment. The 47 homes we manage in Abbey Lane, Prime’s Close and Freshwell Street, are part of a historic setting and require regular care and maintenance. We are also responsible for repairs to the River Slade culvert on which a portion of our site sits. Meeting these obligations, preserving our heritage buildings and responding to the increasing need for more affordable homes in the town are our top priorities. With your help, we can get on with the job and make sure that hope keeps on growing for local people.

Find out more about the ways you can support us by donating to our current campaigns, becoming a regular giver or by making a gift in your Will.