The construction will start with the demolition of the bungalows and as part of the project the Trustees propose to replace a section of the River Slade culvert which runs under them.  In one location, the floor of one of the flats in the bungalows is the roof of the culvert and demolition of the building will impact on the culvert which is a brick built, arched structure approximately 1.3m high.

Following recent internal inspections by the Environment Agency, it is clear that repairs are needed along the whole length of the culvert.  This is true under the bungalows and replacement of a 50m section in this location will reduce the risk of collapse of the culvert and the risk of flooding in the town.  This is one of the public benefits of the project.

Having demolished the bungalows, the culvert will be replaced allowing the construction of the new building to start.

Photos of the inside of the culvert

Proposed section of the culvert to be replaced