There are a number of benefits from the project.

  • The opportunity to replace a building which is failing due to various problems resulting in the flats in the bungalows becoming uninhabitable.
  • The opportunity to reverse the slow decline in affordable homes being provided by Saffron Walden Almshouses as the occupancy of the 7 Primes Close bungalows reduces over time.  In early 2023, this number occupied will have reduced to 4 and within 3 years as the building deteriorates further none of the flats will be usable.
  • Increase in the number of affordable homes for those of any age including families with children.  This benefit and the whole project is supported by UDC Housing.
  • Flats which use fully renewable energy, contributing to society’s climate change targets.
  • Reduction in flood risk to the town by replacing the section of the culvert under the Primes Close bungalows and nearby roadway.
  • Reduction in ongoing maintenance cost and burden of the culvert to the almshouses reducing the likelihood of funding delays and further reducing flood risk to the town.
  • The retention of the unique offer and legacy of the almshouses for the town, reflecting evolution since 1400 and ensuring there is an offer for future generations.
  • Retention and expansion of affordable homes in a location with flat access to the town centre, which is very important to elderly residents.
  • Renovation and enhancement to the landscaping along the Park Lane frontage, improving the gateway to the town for visitors using the Swan Meadow car park.

Architect’s elevation comparisons of proposed new building from the North.