The new building, which will be close to the location of the existing bungalows, has been designed to sit comfortably with those around it and will comprise sixteen homes which are bright, well-ventilated, comfortable, adaptable and economical to run.

Thirteen of the flats will be one-bedroom, one of which will be designed for a wheelchair resident, and the other three will be two-bedroom.  This mix reflects the recent, historical demand for the almshouse dwellings.  All the flats will be wheelchair accessible.

The well-used public right of way through from Abbey Lane to Park Lane, which runs through the bungalows in an archway will be retained in exactly the same position and will run through the new building in an archway too, reflecting a much-loved design feature of the current building.  The right of way will need to be relocated temporarily during the building work.

Subject to planning approval and funding, we hope to start the building work in 2025 and for the new building to be available for residents in 2026/27.

Architect’s elevation drawing of the new building from Park Lane.

How the building will sit within the site can be seen from this video.