Low carbon in design, build and use.

The new building has been designed to have a super-insulated external envelope and will be warm in winter with minimal heating.  The sixteen flats will be heated by two air source heat pumps and each dwelling will have underfloor heating with separate temperature control in each flat.  Consideration is being given to the installation of solar panels on the roof, which will not be visible from the ground.  The homes will all have low energy lighting and provision will be made for electric vehicle charge points.

To reduce the carbon generated during construction, the bricks from the bungalows will be re-used in the foundations of the new building.  The roof tiles will be sold for re-use.  The use of plastic in the building will be minimised and low carbon sources of materials will be used where possible.

Architect’s elevation of proposed new building from South-West.

Architect’s elevation of proposed new building from the South.