17 July 2016

Prime's Close redevelopment proposal: Notice of public presentation

The Almshouse Trustees are holding a public presentation of their proposed plans for redeveloping the bungalows at 2-8 Prime’s Close, on the Abbey Lane site, which are beset with long-standing significant problems, and are reaching the end of their useful life.

The bungalows were built in 1950 replacing dwellings built in 1782 which, in turn, had replaced earlier tenements built in 1400. Working with Caroe Architecture, Cambridge architects with significant experience in this type of historically-sensitive development, the trustees have been exploring options to replace the existing seven dwellings with an increased number of flats, accessible for a variety of needs. They would be designed for 21st-century living and contribute towards meeting increasing housing demands in Saffron Walden.

At this early stage, with nothing set in stone, the Almshouse Trustees wish to share their plans with the public and invite discussion on a potentially important and rewarding project.

The presentation will be at the Almshouses Chapel in Abbey Lane from 11am-1pm, and is open to all members of the public.

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