Regular Giving


Double the money you give

We have had a wonderful start to the Crocus Campaign, with a generous supporter offering to match, pound for pound, the first £100,000 in gifts. So, whatever you give now will be doubled in value, helping us to kick-start the project and give a real boost to the campaign.

To make sure your gift doubles in size, visit our donate page.

The Field of Crocus

We are, of course, grateful for all gifts received, no matter what their size. Everyone who supports the Crocus Campaign, whether they are giving £1 a month or as much as a £1,000 a month, will be invited to join the Field of Crocus; a special, philanthropic community, dedicated to providing homes for local people in need, as well as preserving our historic almshouse.

When you become a Field of Crocus member, you’ll also be invited to a celebratory event, where your gift will be remembered with the planting of a Campaign Crocus corm.